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​ Disseminating genuine trading techniques from Japan to the world.
A group of investors connecting the world and Japan

​ Available in 25 countries around the world

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PROFESSIONAL TRADER KENZO Japanese Corporate Foreign Exchange Trading Department Head Trader

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Birthplace: Japan (Hyogo)

Age: 42 years old

We started trading FX with overseas accounts in 2007, when 90% of Japanese people didn't even know the name FX.

​ While experiencing two withdrawals, he honed his trading skills and opened a face-to-face FX academy in 2016. From December 2022, he will switch his teaching method to online and publish his own trades using characteristic analysis without using indicators on YOUTUBE.

After its release, many traders contacted us due to its high prediction accuracy, taught us trading techniques, and produced many winning traders.


What we offer around the world 
What is trading technology?

For chart analysis"Trend analysis"and"Characteristics analysis"There are two methods.

"Trend analysis"For example, this is an approach that extracts common behaviors of professional soccer players (such as kicking a ball from the age of 2), applies them to children, and attempts to produce the same results.

However, there are significant problems with this approach. The reason is that unless many of the sampled children have the characteristic of being good at sports, it will not necessarily lead to good results.

In other words, even if you use the same approach, the results will vary greatly depending on the environment (sample).

All analysis methods centering on signs and chart patterns using indicators
"Trend analysis"I have to say that it is impossible to win consistently in FX as long as you follow this approach.

On the other hand,
"Characteristics analysis"This is a method of analyzing the essence of the market itself, and to use a human analogy, it is a method of understanding the character and nature that people are born with and thinking about effective approaches for the future.

For example, a child who is ``good at sports'' may be trained to become an athlete, and a child who is ``good at studies'' may be trained to become a scholar or researcher. By doing so, you will be able to realize your dreams efficiently and with a high probability. Although this analysis method is an approach that has been evaluated around the world, it is currently not being implemented in many fields in Japan.

Nowadays, most of the chart analyzes introduced on YouTube and books are
"Trend analysis"This is the reason why many people's grades are not stable. Also, in Japan"Characteristics analysis"Another problem is that there are few instructors who teach this.

As you can see, most of the analyzes that KENZO publishes on YOUTUBE
"Characteristics analysis"It is an undeniable fact that most movements can be predicted. now you have"Trend analysis"In addition, predict the future while grasping the characteristics of FX"Characteristics analysis"By mastering it properly, your trading method will be refined and your results will begin to stabilize.

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​We support the growth of traders with the following services.


ZOOM lesson

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​ Weekly market analysis distribution


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​KENZO recommended FX broker

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KENZO is currently the most recommended overseas FX broker. Not only is it safe and secure, you can also receive an extraordinary bonus, and the leverage is up to 1111 times! There are many interesting projects such as gacha of up to 5000$, celebrity battles, copy trading in secret space, etc.


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